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Master your menstrual cycle.

Optimal Period helps you to know your UNIQUE phases of the menstrual cycle to perform at your best on any day.

5 things you can do right now to

Take charge of your menstrual cycle symptoms

We know the menstrual cycle can be a massive inconvenience, and something you just put up with and struggle through. But what if this doesn’t have to be the case? Add your details below to download the free PDF guide to taking charge of your menstrual cycle.

Why do we perceive our periods as embarrassing or hide our products up our sleeves when we go to the toilet?

The menstrual cycle is rarely discussed, and millions of women struggle with menstrual-related symptoms. These symptoms, along with menstruation itself, cause females to miss daily activities…social events, school and exercise. This can have large impact on your long term health, but also your performance at key events can be negatively impacted…what about that major competition?

This does NOT have to be the case, Optimal Period helps you understand your own unique experience of your menstrual cycle so you can create an action plan to say goodbye to those frustrating and inconvenient feelings and symptoms.

We support many women like yourself to optimise performance in sport, work and day to day life by helping empower you to understand and work with your menstrual cycle.

Join the journey to create a change for you!

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Your Menstrual Cycle 101

Let’s get started, find out more about your menstrual cycle, what causes different symptoms and why.

Free Resources

Optimal Period have created lots of free resources to guide you through understanding the menstrual cycle, period tracking and symptoms and creating an action plan.

Dr Natalie Brown on Managing your menstrual cycle

Optimal Period supports you in understanding your cycle, let’s work with it rather than struggle against it.

Stomach cramps, crazy emotions, tired and fatigued, sore boobs, how about those food cravings – any of these familiar to you? There are so many different menstrual related symptoms but working out which ones are being caused by your menstrual cycle can be a challenge. We are here to provide support to understand which symptoms are caused by your menstrual cycle and most importantly provide information and advice of how you can manage these. The last thing we want at Optimal Period is for that important performance to be affected by your period, there is no need to let this happen. We can help you to identify symptoms, create a plan and put this in action!

At Optimal Period, our support and information are underpinned by scientific research, along with experience working with multiple Olympic athletes, sports and organisations.