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Bloating symptoms

Many individuals struggle with bloating and weight changes across their menstrual cycle. Bloating is when your tummy feels full and uncomfortable, it may feel bigger than usual, rumbling or making noises too.

What phase of your menstrual cycle do you experience bloating?

Bloating usually occurs within the luteal phase and can be related to increased weight.

Mid Luteal Phase

Causes of bloating

There are different reasons why you might experience bloating; 

Fluid retention, possible changes to dietary intake due to food cravings (increased sodium intake maybe associated with the types of food you crave), increased core and skin temperature due to progesterone in the early luteal phase increasing water intake and fluid shifts, reduced gastric emptying as discussed within the GI disturbance symptoms as a result of increased progesterone.

How to manage bloating

Check your urine colour and compare to a hydration colour chart to check your are hydrated. 2-2.5l is the average recommended liquid intake in the UK (NHS).

Try peppermint tea to reduce bloating.

Yoga and certain stretches may reduce bloating. Low level movement is encouraged. 

Protein intake can be helpful in reducing food cravings and weight gain (see food cravings).

Review our information about GI disturbance as this information will also support with symptoms of bloating.

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