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Breast Soreness

Many individuals have tenderness or pain in their breasts in the lead up to a period and sometimes during the period as well. This is also known as mastalgia.

What phase of your menstrual cycle do you experience breast soreness?

Painful and/or tender breasts can be experienced in the luteal phase and during the early follicular phase when bleeding.

Early Follicular Phase

Causes of breast soreness

An increase in prostaglandin production and inflammation during the luteal phase (post ovulation) can cause cyclical breast pain before and/or during your period (although this is not 100% confirmed as the cause…we need more science to help understand this).

The normal hormonal changes can stimulate the ductal elements (estrogen), stroma (progestin) or ductal secretion (prolactin). This causes milk ducts and glands to swell, trapping fluid in the breasts.

How to manage breast soreness

Ensure your bra is correctly fitted and supportive.

Use warm compresses or ice packs depending on which feels better

Progressive muscle relaxation – tensing and relaxing muscles daily may decrease pain. You can find some good videos online that talk you through this.

Paracetamol or ibuprofen may help (follow pack instructions)

It is not recommended to take any supplements such as evening primrose oil, flaxseed, vitamin B6 or vitamin E

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