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It is time for you to take action, be proactive today. Map your menstrual cycle using our online graph and explore solutions to manage your menstrual-related symptoms.

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At Optimal Period we believe everyone has their own unique experience of the menstrual cycle and related symptoms. Therefore, we support you to map your own menstrual cycle, identifying what symptoms you experience and at what time of your menstrual cycle. Download our menstrual phase graph, watch our video to get started mapping your own cycle and make some immediate changes today!

Key management solutions for your menstrual cycle

Many symptoms related to the menstrual cycle you may be experiencing can be reduced or mitigated by taking action. At Optimal Period we want to help you start your journey to change this.

Optimal Period is here to empower you to take control, we acknowledge it is not a one answer fits all and it may take some trial and error to find out what works for you. But there are solutions.

A list of symptoms, causes and management advice have been created to design your own, individualised management strategy.

It is important to note that if your symptoms are debilitating and affecting day-to-day activities these are not ’normal’ menstrual-related symptoms, no symptoms should be severe enough to stop you completing a usual day, whether this is the amount you are bleeding, stomach cramps or mood changes and we advise seeking medical advice.

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build your own menstrual cycle tracker

Map and manage your symptoms for FREE

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