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Cold and Flu Symptoms

Check in to see if you consistently have cold like symptoms just before your period this may give an indicator that you have not got the balance quite right with your nutrition, sleep and stress.

What phase of your menstrual cycle do you experience cold symptoms?

Cold symptoms related to changes in hormones occur in the late luteal phase, just before your period.

Late Luteal Phase

Causes of cold symptoms during your menstrual cycle

Whilst progesterone may offer protection against viral infections, towards the end of your cycle during the late luteal phase, as progesterone decreases, the increase in associated inflammation in your body can cause cold-like symptoms.

How to manage cold symptoms

  • Try taking vitamin C & zinc lozenges (batch tested for athletes!) for the first 72 hours of symptoms. It’s important that you allow the zinc to dissolve in your mouth as this is where it’s effective. 
  • Rather than 5 portions of fruit and vegetables, you could try aiming for 7 portions (dried, frozen and tinned all count).  Mix up your choices, as different types provide varying amounts of antioxidants, micronutrients, fiber and prebiotics which all support immunity. 
  • You could also try making use of spices in your cooking to include the natural antioxidants found in garlic, paprika and turmeric.
  • If you get ill regularly, you may want to check if you are eating enough carbohydrate around any exercise you do. Try to avoid any fasted training and make sure you are consuming carbohydrate and protein as soon as possible after exercise.  
  • Make sure you’re taking a vitamin D3 supplement between October and March (10ug per day).
  • Aim for 2-4 portions of omega 3 rich foods per week by cooking with rapeseed oil; adding flaxseed and walnuts to salads or cereal; and including oily fish such as salmon, trout, sardines, kippers with meals. 

Remember hygiene strategies:

  • Wash your hands regularly or carry hand sanitizer
  • Regularly clean your water bottles.
  • Chewing on gum may also help you avoid illness in high-risk areas such as trains or planes. 

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