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Injury prevention

Some females find they can be more prone to injury or niggles at certain points in their cycle. If you are noticing certain injuries are happening regularly at the same time in your cycle, this could be caused by the changes to hormone levels and the impact these can have on muscle function, co-ordination, and joint movement.  

Remember to note down any injuries, muscle soreness or fatigue you are experiencing as part of your menstrual cycle tracking.

Training structure

Structure your training with the aim of spreading high intensity sessions evenly across the week. 

A consistent and gradually progressive strength and conditioning or resistance training program at home, at the gym or included in a warm-up prior to exercise will increase muscle strength, helping to reduce the risk of injury as well as improve sports performance.  This could include bodyweight training, resistance band training, plyometrics or kettlebell, dumbbell and barbell training.  What is important is that this is done consistently to gradually increase your muscle strength in your lower body, core and upper body. 

Warm up

The midpoint of your menstrual cycle can be a time that the body is more prone to injuries. Therefore, warming up prior to any exercise becomes even more important. Adding in specific activation exercises can help reduce clumsiness that may result in injury. 

Plyometric exercises in warm up can also be used such as lateral hops, single leg hops, rebounding jumps.

Keep your muscles warm by wearing extra layers, warming up inside if possible and warming up again immediately after training.  

Balance training can be part of warm up programs along with other exercises specific to reduce ligament laxity around ovulation that some individuals may experience.

Other strategies

Collagen can support with repair of tendons and ligaments and is found naturally in gelatin. Try adding jelly to your daily diet during times where you are more susceptible to injury and help support with the repair process. 

Vitamin C is also useful in repair and recovery after training. You can also add in some vitamin C foods (berries, oranges, potatoes).

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