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Reduced Motivation

Sometimes you might just feel a bit flat and struggle to go to the gym, get out for a run, catch up with a friend or cook dinner. This can be related to changes in your hormone levels, although daily life may also be an influencing factor; tracking can help determine when it’s related to your menstrual cycle.

What phase of your menstrual cycle do you experience reduced motivation?

Usually reduced motivation is experienced in the late luteal phase, before your period.

Late Luteal Phase

Causes of reduced motivation

The underlying cause is unknown, but changes in hormone levels can cause a variety of different symptoms that interlink.

Reduced motivation can be associated with low energy levels, low mood or sleep disturbance.

Additionally factors such as feeling overwhelmed because you said yes to so many things during your follicular phase and now you don’t know how to achieve it all.

How to manage reduced motivation

Track your motivation levels across your cycle. Identifying and putting strategies in place for other symptoms may help boost motivation levels. 

Review the advice for sleep, mood changes and decreased energy levels as these could all be contributing to motivation. 

Set realistic goals, a sense of achievement can help with motivation – don’t try and run a marathon but maybe go for a 10min walk to get started!

Consider using tools such as ‘How Women Can Use Monthly Periods As A Productivity Tool (forbes.com)

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