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Planning your training is vital to achieve improvements in your sport performance. This includes the type of training (endurance, HITT, resistance, skill, specific etc), the intensity and frequency. Training planning involves macro (over time) to micro (each session), but don’t forget everything else!

As part of your training plan, ensure you include your menstrual-related symptom management plan…recovery strategies, your diet and nutrition, stress management at pinch points of training and life activities and how this all relates to reducing the symptoms you experience across your menstrual cycle and prevention to absolutely smash your training and sport performance.

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build your own menstrual cycle tracker

Map and manage your symptoms for FREE

At Optimal Period we believe everyone has their own unique experience of the menstrual cycle and related symptoms. Therefore, we support you to map your own menstrual cycle, identifying what symptoms you experience and at what time of your menstrual cycle. Download our menstrual phase graph, watch our video to get started mapping your own cycle and make some immediate changes today!

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Menstruation or bleeding is commonly commented as one of the factors most affecting training and/or

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build your own menstrual cycle tracker

Map and manage your symptoms for FREE

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