Menstrual symptoms and periods should not be a barrier. It’s time to start performing at your best!

Here at Optimal Period, we are committed to supporting you learn about your menstrual cycle, understand symptoms you personally experience and guiding you to information that can help prevent or manage period symptoms. It is important you have a regular and healthy menstrual cycle, especially if you are exercising lots, and not one you struggle with. There are different strategies to manage symptoms caused by the menstrual cycle, so why just put up with it? Our information is underpinned by research and we take pride in sharing accurate and up to date information all in one place.

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Hey, I'm Natalie

I’m a research associate based at Swansea University and Sport Wales – working for the Welsh Institute of Performance Science. I am exploring all things menstrual cycle and sport related. I love supporting all levels of performance, whether that is at the Olympics or helping someone get back to being active. When I am not talking about the menstrual cycle, I love climbing (although frequently end up discussing it here too) and being active outside; running, biking, surfing I will try anything. As an Arc’Teryx ambassador I love having the opportunity to combine my research and personal interests to help support women and girls to be active outside. Periods should not be a barrier to this! I also have 2 gorgeous dogs which certainly keep me active and on my toes! As you can tell, I love a challenge and most importantly I am super psyched to finding solutions.

I am passionate to focus my research on the menstrual cycle and share this information with you due to my combined personal experience in sport and a background in physiology and research related to hormonal response in athletes (male and female).

I promote a positive perception of periods, it’s important to have a healthy menstrual cycle and not something that you need to suffer with.

Don’t panic, every day is not perfect. I study periods and still experience symptoms (a chocolate snack was much needed whilst writing, a little bit of balance in life is important) especially as menstrual-related symptoms commonly overlap with ‘life symptoms’ caused by stress, lack of sleep or poor nutrition. Identifying these and knowing how to manage them so you can take action is a key part.

Looking to the future…

I have some big aspirations, why not dream big? I want to contribute to creating societal change so that periods are not a taboo subject and, when required, everyone (an important point for me, not just females) feels comfortable talking about this subject. For the menstrual cycle to be a normal aspect of support provided and equally for incredible women to not be fighting against or ‘getting on’ with symptoms, but to be empowered to understand and manage it. Lets’ not forget promoting exercise for periods and helping to reduce so many symptoms.

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Dr Natalie Brown, Founder of Optimal Period

Meet the Founder

dr natalie brown

To date, some examples of my research has included: